*Due to worldwide shipping and supply issues, we will not have Ditto oven-bake clay red, green, silver and raw umber in the studio. Other colours may run out. Available colours will be substituted. Earthenware clay colours may vary on projects due to supply issues.

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Party Options

Ditto Oven-Bake Party

Each person creates ONE unique oven-bake clay character, pre-chosen before the party.

Level 1: Bugs, Owl, Turtle, Whale, Yeti

Level 2: Cat, Creature/Monster, Cupcake, Ice Cream, Donut, Dog, Dinosaur, Fox, Koala, Monkey, Princess, Raccoon, Sea Otter, Sloth, Sushi, Tiger

Level 3: Dragon, Mermaid, Robot, Unicorn, Zombie

Painting Party

Each guest will create ONE painting on a 8×8 stretched canvas using acrylics paints.
Choose from: Cat, Unicorn, Dog, Panda or Sloth

Clay Party

Each person hand builds ONE clay creation from scratch and applies coloured glaze for the details. Character, pre-chosen before the party.
Choose from: Cups: Bunny, Cat, Dog, Mouse, Owl, Panda, Polar Bear, Unicorn or Yeti
Mini Terracotta Planter: Bear or Tree